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Elite Movers offers a long line of moving services that will accommodate your needs and your budget whether you just need help moving all the larger items or you need us to pack and move everything in the home. With over 12 years experience we're equipped to handle all your moving needs. We are dedicated to offering you the great service you expect at a price you can afford. Moving is like many other things in life, it can be very difficult without the proper tools. That is why you need a moving company with experience and a proven record of excellence. Our #1 goal is to exceed your expectations by going that extra mile!

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When You Need to Find Good Little Rock Mover

One in four people in this country move every year. That’s an astounding forty two million people on the move. Most people will move several times in their lives. Studies have indicated that moving can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Moving can be a disruptive time in anyone’s life. We might be happy about moving to a new home but there can still be a lot of emotion involved in leaving the old home, neighborhood and close friends. We certainly don’t need the additional stress of handing all our possessions over to a Little Rock moving company and hoping they’re responsible enough to deliver everything safely.

A qualified Little Rock moving company can take away a lot of the stress involved but it’s not always easy to find one. It will involve more than just flipping through the pages of the phonebook. You’ll discover that there are a variety of moving companies catering to specific needs. Some companies will do only moves within a limited area. Others will move you anywhere in the country or even internationally. Your specific type of move will, to some extent, determine the Little Rock moving company you’ll hire.

Larger moving companies can also provide you with other services that can be invaluable during your move. Companies will often have boxes and other packing supplies available and can provide assistance in the actual packing and unpacking of your belongings. These optional services are offered in addition to the move itself and will cost more but it’s good to know you have access to them if needed.

The quotes you’ll get from each Little Rock moving company might be hard to compare, since they can be based on different factors. The lowest bid might not be your best option if you value your belongings.

Where to Begin Your Search for a Trustworthy Little Rock Mover

You can start by simply talking to people. Probably everyone you know has moved at one time or another and may be able to give you some good information on a Little Rock moving company. If you used an agent in buying your new home, try asking them for a recommendation. Based on the experience of their other clients a realtor can usually give you some good recommendations. Keep a look out for moving trucks working in the area. Usually the most popular Little Rock moving company is the busiest and therefore the one you will see around town the most often.

Use the computer to search the web. A lot of moving companies have websites that can provide you with information about their services, what cities they cover and an online estimation sheet to help you determine before hand how much your move will cost you. You can get their address and phone number as well as an email address if you want to ask any questions. The internet can also help you do some background research on any Little Rock moving company you might be considering.

The Little Rock Mover Quote

Before contacting any of the companies directly, you should call the Better Business Bureau to find out if any of them have any negative reports on file. Even a very reliable Little Rock moving company can get the occasional complaint due to the mass amount of business they do. The important thing you need to know is what the complaint was and how it was resolved.

Make a list before you call any Little Rock moving company. Include the number of rooms, any over sized or uniquely shaped pieces you might own and remember to include the things you have stored in the garage or utility building as well as any lawn furniture you might have. It’s not important that the list be detailed. You just need to have it to help you explain to the Little Rock moving company what you’ll need.

Selecting Your Little Rock Mover

The different estimates can be confusing when you try to compare them. Rates can vary a lot in the business and since companies use different methods to calculate their bids, you may end up with some very different numbers. Each Little Rock moving company has their own method of estimating what they will charge, from by the hour, by the load to by the room.

Make sure you are clear on the method each Little Rock moving company uses to provide you with an estimate and get everything in writing. Be certain to read any fine print. You need to know if you have any recourse in the event that any of your possessions are damaged. If you decide to pack your own boxes, many companies will refuse to accept responsibility for any damages unless it was due to direct neglect on their part.

Having your Little Rock moving company estimates in hand, you can then make comparisons and choose the Little Rock moving company that you believe will provide you with the best service. Many people really do find moving to be very stressful. Obviously, the last thing anyone needs is to be concerned about is whether or not their belongings are being handled with care. In the end when you see the moving van pull away from the curb, you want to know you’ve chosen the right Little Rock moving company to get your belongings safely to their new home.
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